How to Find Affiliate Marketing Niche Ideas That You Can Use Today

How to Find Affiliate Marketing Niche Ideas That You Can Use Today

Posted by on Aug 30, 2016 in Online Marketing

How to Find Affiliate Marketing Niche Ideas That You Can Use Today

In my last two posts we discussed how to make money with niche websites and the best niches to make money. In today’s post I am going to share how to find affiliate marketing niche ideas.

Picking a niche in any domain can be a daunting task for anyone. There are an infinite amount of ideas out there waiting to be explored, and you have to spend time figuring out what is best for you.
Finding the right affiliate marketing niche ideas cannot be overlooked. This will help you tap into a strong buyer’s market, even if it is saturated with a lot of competition. So, identifying an affiliate marketing niche will enable you to compete and win.
For those who are unaware of the term “niche,” it simply means the category or general theme of products that you are going to promote on an affiliate marketing website. For example, if I were to promote a weight loss product, then I would have to pick out the right niche of “diets and weight loss.”

It is always better to start off on the right foot, so here are some affiliate marketing niche ideas and strategies that can help you along the process.

Finding profitable affiliate marketing niche ideas

Find affiliate marketing niche ideas

Don’t pick a niche just because you like it. Liking it is good, but you also need to find out whether it is worth investing in that particular niche or not. Find a niche that is already doing well in the market and get your money’s worth.

Locate the profitable niches at affiliate networks

Access affiliate marketing networks such as ClickBank to explore different niches that they currently have. Find out which one is performing better and come up with an associated niche that works well for you.

When you are brainstorming, also explore to find the top ranked websites that most of your target audiences use, and try to find a niche specific to it. The top rated sites are going to be common ones like Google, YouTube, etc., but there are also more available options out there.

Filter out best-selling products from ClickBank

ClickBank has an interesting feature called “gravity,” which basically elucidates the best sellers under a specific category of product. Head to your category of product and select a gravity of 5 or 6 to know which products are doing the best. This will give you a fair idea of whether the selected niche or category is doing well or not.

Check if the desired niche suits your product

Take a look at the individual product page to make sure that you understand your selected niche. There might be millions of product under a specific niche, but do you find them actually corresponding to the products listed under it?

Is the niche popular?

Popular Niche

The niche should be popular or evergreen all year around in order to reap its full benefits. Some products like iPhone 4 or Halloween costume niche is not always going to work. An affiliate marketing niche idea should be worthwhile throughout the year to make it highly profitable.

You can also make use of Google Trends here and search for the niche to see if it has held up consistent interest throughout the year. This will ensure maximum reach to your target audience.

What keywords do people use to search for the particular niche

For example, I have a product, Detox Tea, and would like to keep detox as my niche. Check if people are continuously searching for the niche in search engines like Google, so that you can get traffic to your website to allow it to reach more. This is also called search engine optimization (SEO). Use online tools to look up the most searched keywords and gather proof that the selected niche is indeed being heavily searched on.

Compare niches and pick the best

There is no harm in comparing different choices and narrow down to the one you like the most. Do your research thoroughly and get your desired outcome. When comparing, look at the most profit yielding niches and also check whether you are comfortable with it. Measure it in terms of profit and enthusiasm, to pick out the best niche for your product.

Find a magazine

There are loads of affiliate marketing niche ideas in the magazines on the market. Head to to explore different niche magazines and find several options that are available to you. If they are printing a magazine for your niche, then there is definitely a profitable audience group surrounding that particular niche.

Market research

Market Research

You can find professionally devised market research reports for your chosen niche to ensure that it is indeed performing well. Not every market research report is free and for some in-depth information regarding a niche, it is good to consider one. If it is a good niche, then there should be a market research report centered around it to give you the right insights into it.

Consider your likes

If you like your niche and are enthusiastic about it, there is nothing like it. Of course, you also need to make sure that it is profitable. If you like what you are doing and are also sure that it offers complete value, then there is no stopping you.

Having a fair amount of interest in your niche will help you better understand your target audience. This will be very helpful to you in your marketing strategy. So, if you don’t find a niche you like, explore further options.

Complete research is mandatory when you are brainstorming for affiliate marketing niche ideas. So, put on your thinking cap and follow the above suggestions to help you in your search. Ensure that your preferred niche has revenue potential in it and be successful in your endeavor.

You need to spend a lot of time in devising the right marketing strategy for your product and targeting it to the right audience. Selecting the niche for your product is very essential and will better help you to target your products. So, research, compare and select the most valuable niche that is worth your time, effort and money.

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